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Oxford Ladies' College is a small Independent Tutorial College for girls up to the age of 25 where we believe that education is an important route to social inclusion and enhancing career prospects. Along with flexible academic and vocational study opportunities, social skills and etiquette are taught, valued and reinforced as a solid foundation for learning and building confidence.                                                                                


Study Skills

All our Study Skills courses are currently over subscribed. 

Facebook update

We apologise to our 6000 plus friends on Facebook, but we will not be publishing a Facebook page until safeguarding concerns are fully resolved.

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Full details on our Study Skills page
  - currently over subscribed.

Oxford Ladies' College

Oxford Ladies' College

                  A new college - old traditions

                  Independent education with a traditional ethos in a friendly, enthusiastic and
                  supportive environment.

                  We are committed to helping girls up to the age of 25 who missed out on
                  traditional qualifications at school or college to return to flexible study and
                  personal development.

                  Our Upper School provides flexible opportunities for girls ages 18 - 25 to start
                  or return to study. 

                  Our FREE Study Skills Award is now available on line to girls anywhere in the
                  World  -  see our Study Skills page  -  currently over subscribed.

              We believe that success at any level of study depends on attitude, self-motivation
              and self-discipline which are all important when developing independent study
              skills in preparation for a career or further study at college or university.
              Students are welcome to apply for entry from all backgrounds and our FREE Study
              Skills course can be taken online from anywhere in the word.


              "Literacy, language and numeracy give us access to opportunities, challenges and

               Being able to read and understand all kinds of texts and documents, whether for
               work, information or pleasure.

               Putting your ideas down in writting so that others know what you mean and can
               engage with your thinking.

               Being good at both speaking and listening so that you are confident and effective
               when having conversations in different contexts with different people.

               For speakers of other languages, being able to do all of the things listed above, in

               Not being frightend of numbers, being able to keep account of your money and to
               undesrstand other figures, as well as handling data and being able to deal with
               measurements, shapes and space."

               Learning and Skills Improvement Service



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Oxford Ladies' College is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.
UK Register for Learning Provider UKPRN (UK Provider Reference Number): 10041089
Oxford Ladies' College is proud to be a local supporter of the NHS Change4Life campaign.
Oxford Ladies' College is a British Safety Council Approved Centre (Centre No. OXF06133) for delivery of the Entry Level Award in Workplace Hazard Awareness.

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